Point of Participation

Point of Participation Conference


Ability to present the article in the form of a short lecture or a poster in a virtual way

Low costs

To support the development of biotechnology, 50% of the cost is received from participants

Be virtual and reduce face-to-face costs

Use the conference 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without having to pay for transportation

International certificate

Receive a certificate approved by the Pasteur Institute of Iran (with the hologram of the Pasteur Institute - in English) and with the approval of international universities

Variety of speakers

Use of domestic and international professors in the field of biotechnology, in the world

Variety of axes

The axes of the conference have been selected based on all biotechnology trends

Ancillary workshops - International

Holding virtual workshops in English and at a virtual level

Use the popular online studio service

The conference is supported by the online studio software and will be run by it