You can be acquainted with the latest laboratory techniques in the world with membership in The International Biotech School.

Lack of the knowledge in Protein Engineering Bioinformatics Genetic Engineering make Biotechnology useless in all fields.

Bioinformatics Bioinformatics
Protein Engineering Protein Engineering
Genetic Engineering Genetic Engineering

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International Biotech School (Primary)

2023.02.15 - Remaining capacity : 1 people

Vaccine and Protein Engineering Course (Advanced Course)

2023.02.07 - Remaining capacity : 2 people

Applied Microbiology Course (Advanced Course)

2023.02.16 - Remaining capacity : 3 people

Enzyme Engineering (Advanced Course)

2023.02.11 - Remaining capacity : 3 people

Specialized course in laboratory sterilization

2023.02.06 - Remaining capacity : 1 people

The Comprehensive Essay Writing Course

2023.02.05 - Remaining capacity : 2 people

Genetic Engineering Course (Advanced Course)

2023.02.16 - Remaining capacity : 3 people

Production of Cosmetic Products Using Biological Methods

2023.02.04 - Remaining capacity : 1 people

Agricultural Biotechnology Course

2023.02.14 - Remaining capacity : 4 people

The International Biotech School has been set up to spread the knowledge of biotechnology develop the skills required for biotechnology researchers.

Producing a new product and entering the field of basic knowledge requires receiving the skills and techniques required in biotechnology.

Important Dates

Purchase of laboratory materials

Industrial pharmacy course

Co-Worker in the lab

National Biotech School (Primary)

National Biotech School (Primary)
Genetic Reserves - Industrial Biotech - Bio computing - Vaccine - The Environment - Bio-economy

Bioinformatics programming course with PHP language

Production of cosmetic products using biological methods

The National Biotech School (Advanced)
Production of cosmetic products using biological methods

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