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Panel Genetic Reserves, is one of the six panels of the Foundation Course of the International Biotech School. The purpose of this course is to access the basic concepts and techniques in the field of biotechnology to enter the advanced course.

Unlike the advanced course, participants can benefit from all 6 panels in the Foundation Course. The foundation and advanced courses are held virtually (not in person). Also, the courses include theoretical and practical (laboratory).

The Foundation Course of the International Biotech School can replace 18 specialized workshops. The sequence of the panels is such that researchers can learn all the techniques and principles of each Biotechnology field.

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Biology (all majors including: Genetics, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Plant and Animal Sciences, Microbiology, General Biology, Biology Secretary )

Agriculture (all majors)

Medical disciplines (all disciplines including medicine, pharmacy, midwifery, veterinary, etc.)

Basic Sciences (Chemistry (all majors) - Mathematics)

IT related disciplines (bioinformatics, medical informatics, computer engineering, medical engineering)

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All students and graduates who are part of the target group can participate in the course. Participation in the course does not require passing the prerequisites.

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