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Specialized Course Enzyme Engineering, as one of the higher courses of the International Biotech School, is held at an advanced level and virtually by the Pasteur Institute of Iran (scientific organizer). The purpose of planning for this course is to train researchers to enter the field of technology and produce technological products in the field of Enzyme Engineering

Participants in the advanced course can only participate in one specialized course; if they are interested in participating in other courses, they must register on separate dates.

The advanced course of the International Biotech Schoo has replaced 10 specialized workshops, in which scholars will be known about the latest technology in the biotechnology industry (in the relevant panel).

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Biology (all majors including: Genetics, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Plant and Animal Sciences, Microbiology, General Biology, Biology Secretary )

Agriculture (all majors)

Medical disciplines (all disciplines including medicine, pharmacy, midwifery, veterinary, etc.)

Basic Sciences (Chemistry (all majors) - Mathematics)

IT related disciplines (bioinformatics, medical informatics, computer engineering, medical engineering)

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All students and graduates who are part of the target group can participate in the course. Participation in the course does not require passing the prerequisites.

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