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Submit article at the 3rd International Conference on Biotechnology and Global Development

Terms and conditions for submitting articles:
- You could send only two articles to the conference.
- The language of all articles at the conference will be in English.
- After submission, it is impossible to modify the content and change the authors information. The sender of the article is responsible for entering incorrect information.
- The international article submission certificate is given only to the submitters of the articles (short lecture or poster).
- Confirmation and rejection of the abstracts are not related to the cost of the conference registration and in the case of article rejection, the registration fee is not returned.
- Submission of the article is unnecessary and participants can register at the conference without submitting any abstracts.
- Each abstract is reviewed by more than three referees. The final idea is the average score of all the scores it received. Therefore, any objection to results is not acceptable.
- Each article must contain a maximum of 700 words. Articles are received as abstracts and there is no need to submit a complete article.
- The result of the abstract highly depends on the quality of the abstract and the number of invited speakers.
- Your recording environment will determine any extra equipment or devices you may need to maximize the audio and video in your recording. Choose a quiet, well-lit room or office.
- you can use a camera, a tablet, or a smartphone to record your lecture.
- presentation language must be in English.
- The submitted video format must be one of the MP4, MOV, AVI formats.
- After the final approval of the abstract and the end of the conference, users can apply for international certification by requesting a custom post through their account.
- Other authors of the submitted article, to receive the international certificate of the article, must register separately in the conference and then apply for the postal application.
- All certificates have holograms and if they do not have holograms, they are invalid.

How to submit and referee articles:
Submit an article abstract by one of the authors of the article, using the electronic form available on the site
The first stage of refereeing: refereeing the abstract of the submitted article (7 days)
If the arbitration is approved, you can pay the registration fee for the conference.
The second stage of refereeing: determining the type of presentation (15 days after the deadline for submission of articles).
Submit the presentation file of the articles (poster or oral) by uploading it to the conference website.

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