Need to learn interdisciplinary techniques and skills to enter the startups

According to the public relations report, Majid Mesgartehrani, the executive secretary of the National Biotechnology School of Iran, stated that the serious problem of the graduates in the field of biotechnology is that they are not familiar with the skills and techniques of their field of study. Undergraduate students in biotechnology-related fields do not receive the training they need to enter the knowledge-based fields at the university. Therefore, lose sufficient motivation to pursue their technological ideas. He said: "There is always talk in universities of trying to reach the third and fourth generation, while graduates in the second-generation university do not see enough training to enter the basic knowledge stage." Mesgartehrani added: "One of the reasons for setting up the National Biotechnology School is short-term techniques and skills training. So that, graduates in the field of biotechnology can be familiar with the technical tools to turn their ideas into products. " He mentioned: "The National School was established with the unparalleled efforts and patience of Professor Dr. Dariush Norouzian and the fruitful support of Dr. Mostafa Ghanei."